Driving lessons in the city
Defensive driving may pay off: many companies offer discounts on premiums for certified classes

You may have thought your days in a classroom were over but if you want to save money on your car insurance, get ready to sit in a desk again. People are always looking for a way to save money on anything from their grocery bills to their haircuts and car insurance is no different. There are many factors that you can’t change when your insurance company sits down to determine your rates but once you’ve gotten your policy, there are various ways you can work to lower your premiums. One of those is be re-entering the classroom and taking a defensive driving course. Many insurance companies will offer incentives in the form of premium savings if you take these courses, which can prompt many back into the classroom. Just make you don’t skip every class like you did in 10th grade Geometry.

Defensive Driving Courses

You can take a defensive driving course in person or online. Both will help you lower your insurance rates and even improve your license points score. In each type of class, you’re going to be learning about different defensive driving skills , which in your insurance company’s opinion, make you a better driver. It’s quite like going to

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high school driver education courses though. You’re already supposed to know how to operate your windshield wipers by the time you take a course like this. Instead, you’re going to learn about how to overcome things like road

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rage, how to control skidding, and how to react in a crash. Although your main intent to take a class such as this may be to lower your insurance, it’s highly possible you’ll leave with a new found knowledge and awareness of driving.

How Do I Get a Discount?

Before you decide to take a course to lower your insurance rates, check to see if it’s even a valid offer in your state. Just as insurance rates vary state to state, so do possible discounts. A state’s government has to first decide whether a defensive driving course counts toward insurance discounts before an insurance company can do anything for the customer. While it’s always important to brush up on your driving skills, make sure you don’t go into the course sure of receiving discount without knowing for certain it’s applicable.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that allows discounts, you can check with local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see what kinds of classes are offered. The state may have certain requirements that programs have to meet, which in turn affects whether your insurance company counts it as a legitimate discount. Knowing that, it’s always best to go through the state for a program rather than an individual. You may risk your discount if you go through a course that isn’t certified. Also, if you’ve had a ticket, a defensive driving course can help you gain points back on your license.

What is My Discount?

Considering the one-time costs of defensive driving courses, the amount you are going to save on your car insurance could be very noticeable. Some courses can seem a little steep, especially nearing $90, for a one time payout but

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if you’re reluctant to spend the money, think long term. While you may shell out $90 this one time, it could save you anywhere from 10-20% off your monthly or annual premiums. The best thing is that this discount can continue as long as you maintain a clean driving record. For a one time class, the benefits are long lasting.

When you finish your course, you are going to be presented with a certificate of completion. You will be required to submit this to the insurance company to prove that you actually went. Once they receive your proof, check with your insurance company to see how long processing your discount will take and how much it will affect your premium. This can vary based on how much a company values these courses so before you make a commitment, make sure you understand the potential it can hold.

The best way that you’re going to keep your insurance costs low is to always employ what you learn in the defensive driving course. Instructors realize that many people don’t take these classes for fun but that doesn’t mean the information isn’t important. After driving for several years, it can be easy to adopt a relaxed attitude about behind the wheel behavior. Then, at the worst moment, an accident will happen and your insurance rates will go up. If you compare the long term effects of a defensive driving course with the long term effects of

relaxed driving, you can see the difference. You’re never too old to stop learning and sometimes, a refresher course is all you need. If you keep your driving skills at optimum levels, it’s only natural that your insurance rates will follow.