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There are many roads which lead to the classification "high risk driver" - but insurance rates does not have to skyrocket because of this. Image: Flickr.

Nowadays, anyone who owns a car or is planning on owning one should also get auto insurance not just because it is for their protection but it is also according to the law. There are different types of auto insurance available that will fit the kind of driver that you are. From basic coverage to comprehensive coverage, there is no shortage of options for you to consider.

Who is a High Risk Driver?

Aside from the temporary and regular auto insurance, there is also the high risk auto insurance designed for drivers who are considered as high risk drivers. What is a high risk driver anyway? There are many reasons why you can be considered as such. Here are a few that might get you in this list.

  • Minor incidents that are repeated on a regular basis.
  • Several speeding tickets averaging 10 miles beyond the speed limit.
  • Single speeding ticket with you driving 25 miles beyond the speed limit.
  • Moving violation such as DUI.
  • Poor credit report.
  • Severe car accidents.

Although there are some instances where minor violations won’t cause you to be considered as high risk driver, constant repetition will definitely change your status. Any of these violations can hurt your bid for regular auto insurance. The worst part is that there are some violations that can get your license revoked. However, you can still get your driver’s license provided that you get high risk auto insurance first.

What Is High Risk Auto Insurance and How Does It Work?

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Sometimes it are just moments which set you apart from the classification as high risk driver

Just like your regular auto insurance, what you pay for high risk auto insurance is what you will get. The difference between the two is the amount of coverage you are eligible for and its cost. Auto insurance companies that are offering this kind of auto insurance should make the minimum liability coverage available to high risk drivers.

However, auto insurance companies have the power to approve or deny the request of a high risk driver to get additional coverage. There are some who will allow high risk drivers to purchase extra liability coverage so their policy limits can increase while others will give you permission to buy underinsured or uninsured coverage. Most auto insurance companies, however, will not offer comprehensive or collision coverage to drivers that they know are high risk.

It is most likely that high risk drivers will be filing for claims, so that is why most auto insurance companies are hesitant in providing them with auto insurance. Even if they do provide them with high risk auto insurance, they usually jack up the price compared to the rate that low risk drivers get. Just imagine a driver who always get into accidents or get ticketed for traffic violations. It will only be a matter of time before they will file a claim on their auto insurance. Although a low risk

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driver can get involved in an accident, it isn’t as high as that of a high risk driver. Those who are considered as low risk drivers often get cheaper premiums while those who are saddled with high risk auto insurance need to pay a higher price.

Getting Your License Back With High Risk Auto Insurance

You can’t drive if your license has been suspended or revoked. If you want to be able to drive your car again, there is a requirement that you need to pass and that is acquiring a high risk auto insurance before you get your license reinstated. Your auto insurance company will be the one who has to provide the SR-22 form.

Basically, the SR-22 form is just a document saying that you have indeed bought high risk auto insurance or the necessary car insurance according to the law. It is the responsibility of the auto insurance company to submit the necessary papers to different bodies such as the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles and if there are any changes or cancellation that occurred with your high risk auto insurance.

Once you are categorized as a high risk driver, you will need to pay a high price for your high risk auto insurance. The good news is that you can get out of this status provided that you keep your driving history clean of any accidents and violations. This usually means keeping your record as clean as possible within a three year period and only until then can you get your status lowered to a low risk driver. This is possible yet difficult to manage but if you are determined to change your status from high risk to low risk driver then you better start learning how to drive properly again.

Getting high risk auto insurance isn’t all that hard especially when there are auto insurance companies that specialize in this kind of auto insurance. Discussing your needs with them will give you an idea on what kind of coverage you can get from them as well as the price that you have to pay to be properly insured. Although it means that you have to pay a higher price compared to other drivers, it is necessary especially if you want to keep on driving.

Just remember that you can always get out of the high risk driver

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category if you choose to be careful on the road and follow the rules on the road. It might take years before you are considered a low risk driver but it will be worth it especially when you get to pay lower premiums.