Being involved in an auto accident is traumatic for everyone involved. Unless the person at fault is someone who is purposely causing an accident for fraudulent purposes, like collecting insurance money, no one plans on making an accident happen. Knowing the most common auto insurance claims may help you reduce your chances of being involved so that you will not be in the position to pay higher insurance premiums.

bender fender at night, black car
On the top list: Minor bender fenders

Minor Fender Benders

  • This may even just be a one-car accident, where you might back into a pole or scrape the side of your mailbox. Especially for these one-car accidents, you may be much better off paying for the damages out of pocket and not claiming it against your insurance.
  • If another car is involved, of course you will need to call your insurance company. However, if it is only you and your car involved and it is minor damage, the cost to repair your car may be less than what it will cost you in three years of increased premium.
  • Three years is the typical time frame that insurance companies can charge you for having a claim or accident on your record.
  • Not only do you have the increased cost of your premium, you have to remember that you will have your deductible to pay. If your deductible is $500 and the cost to repair your car is $800, you might
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  • You can try to reduce the cost of the repair by doing some work yourself if you have some experience, or if a part needs replaced, check used auto parts to save money.

Glass Breakage

  • Sometimes a crack can happen when you are driving down the road and a vehicle in front of you kicks up a stone that hits your windshield. There isn’t much you can do if a vehicle kicks up a stone in front of you other than making sure there is always a lot of room between you and the car in front of you. This is always a good practice because you also have less chance of hitting someone from behind.
  • Your windshield may break because you had a tiny crack. Left unnoticed, the expansion and contraction of the glass from hot and cold temperatures may cause the small crack to spread. However, you can prevent a large crack by taking the time to closely inspect your windshield regularly to check for any small fissures. Most often insurance companies will give you the free service to have any of these tiny dings filled in by a glass company. This often prevents the crack from becoming so big the window has to be replaced. Insurance companies would rather pay a few dollars to repair a window than replace it.
  • Another common cause of glass breakage is vandalism. If someone wants to break into your car, they typically break out a side window to gain access to the handle to get in the car. Removing personal belongings so as to not have a vehicle that is tempting to break into can prevent vandalism.

Medical Claims

  • This can range from anything from whiplash and back injury from being involved in an accident to someone slamming their hand in the car or injuring themselves working on the vehicle.
  • Studies show that a high percentage of people placing a medical claim exaggerate their injuries to receive more of a payout. If nobody exaggerated medical claims, everyone’s insurance would be far less expensive. Make sure you are placing honest claims about injuries you receive involving your car.

While you cannot always prevent accidents from occurring, knowing these few tips may help you drive more defensively, preventing accidents.

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