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The Average Cost of Car Insurance Rates in the United States

Are you wondering how much will your car insurance cost? You’ve probably wondered why your best friend Joe can get such great rates when he has 5 tickets and has had two accidents, lives in the same place you do, and is the same age. That surely means there’s no such thing as an average car insurance price for a specific demographic.

Truth be told, there are many factors that can affect the price of your car insurance. Among these are your age, your driving history, your marital status, your credit record as well as whether you own a home or not. Although you may find your rates aren’t the exact same price down to the cent as other average car insurance data may show, and it may not be the case when you start getting more and more specific. However, a jumping off point is looking at what average car insurance prices are in a state you live in, one of the biggest factors in determining premiums. [Read more…]

The Top 10 Cheapest Cars To Insure 2013 and 2014

Blue Ford Fiesta in city center

Number 1 of the least expensive cars to insure: The Ford Fiesta.

Although you may think finding cheap auto insurance can’t be done, it’s actually not impossible. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to save more money in 2013 and you’re also looking to buy a new car, you’ll be happy to find there’s a wide assortment of vehicles fairly cheap to insure.

Whether you need a mini-van to haul a family or you’re going green and want a Smartcar, the cheapest cars to insure in 2013 are diverse and regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone on the list, and these vehicles

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tend to pop up year after year as being some of the most economical vehicles to insure, maintain, and sometimes, even both.

Here’s a list of some of the cheapest to insure, and it’s likely that this year and even 2014 that we’ll keep seeing many of these same cars that continue making the list year after year! [Read more…]

Combining Home & Auto Insurance With the Same Insurer Saves You Money

House vs. money on balance

Combining home and car insurance policies will give you additional leverage in the discount game.

There are many ways that consumers can save money on their insurance policies. One of the most popular methods to save money on insurance is to bundle your policies together. For example, by having home and auto insurance together under the same insurance coverage, you can receive a discount on your insurance premiums.

Savings of Having Home and Auto Insurance Together

There are several benefits of having your home and auto insurance together under the same insurance company. One of the biggest advantages of having both policies through the same insurance company is that you receive a multi-policy discount for keeping your business in house. [Read more…]

No Credit Check Auto Insurance: Getting a Quote Without Having Your Credit History Checked?

Logos of major credit suppliers

The credit history is an important factor for your insurance score. Sometimes it would be advantageous to not have it checked. However, this is not likely to happen. Image: Flickr.

Does having a bad credit history make you a reckless driver or an extremely high risk homeowner?

Maybe it does, and maybe it does not. But, recent studies have shown that there is a statistical correlation that shows there is a link between your credit history or credit score and your risk to insurance companies. Most insurance company use

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your credit history to determine your auto insurance and home insurance premium rates, which is exactly why you’re probably coming up short if you’re looking for ‘no credit check auto insurance’ – quite simply, it doesn’t really exist.

Many insurance customers do not realize that their credit scores and the negative attributes of their credit reports affect how much they pay in home and car insurance premiums. One of the main problems is that it is a mystery as to how most insurance companies comprise your car insurance

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The formulas and algorithms uses by the insurance companies are proprietary and specific to each individual insurance company. I recently talked to my own car insurance company about receiving a discount specifically for my great credit score, but I was told that it was already factored into my home and car insurance premiums. But, the question still remains, why does your credit score matter when determining your premiums? [Read more…]

Liability Car Insurance – Why Most State Limits May Be Dangerously Low

Accident at night, helpers rescue the victims.

Mere state liability limits are often way to low compared to the damages a real accident can produce. Additional coverage can be purchased for a surprisingly little increase in your rate. Image: Flickr.

Many insurance purchasers do not think twice about the amount of insurance that they carry to protect themselves and their assets in the event of an accident. Every state sets its own criteria for minimum insurance required to drive a car, and consumers all too often just accept the state’s liability limit minimums without fully understanding the gravity of their mistakes.

Many states have set their liability limits far too low. For example, North Carolina requires car owners to maintain at a minimum $30,000 for the bodily injury of one person and a total accident limit of $60,000 for two or more people and $25,000 in property damages.

Having a low liability limit opens consumers up to devastating lawsuits should someone possibly become seriously hurt or extensive property damage ensue. Motorists need to consider raising their liability limits and would be greatly surprised at the affordability of doing so. [Read more…]

No Down Payment Auto Insurance – What You Need To Know Before Getting a Quote

Text: "No cash? No problem. Caution!"

Down payments are standard for new policies. But that does not mean you cannot do something about it. Image: Flickr.

Everyone is required to have auto insurance these days, but what if you can’t get one due to financial constraints? These days, it is hard to spend a fortune on car insurance since with the costs of even just the bare necessities rising. You’ve probably called a few insurers to buy auto insurance and discovered that some want a payment in full for 6 months to a year of coverage, some want two months of premiums paid up front, others more. Some are willing to bill monthly, but often you’ll be asked to pay at least a down payment for a new auto insurance policy. So if you’re a little short but need insurance, you unfortunately will probably have a hard time finding companies that offer no

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down payment auto insurance. This is a dilemma you don’t want to worry about endlessly, and the answer seems simple enough. [Read more…]

Insurance For a High Risk Driver – Can It Still be Cheap?

claim adjuster

There are many roads which lead to the classification "high risk driver" - but insurance rates does not have to skyrocket because of this. Image: Flickr.

Nowadays, anyone who owns a car or is planning on owning one should also get auto insurance not just because it is for their protection but it is also according to the law. There are different types of auto insurance available that will fit the kind of driver that you are. From basic coverage to comprehensive coverage, there is no shortage of options for you to consider.

Who is a High Risk Driver?

Aside from the temporary and regular auto insurance, there is also the high risk auto insurance designed for drivers who are considered as high risk drivers. What is a high risk driver anyway? There are many reasons why you can be considered as such. Here are a few that might get you in this list. [Read more…]

Getting Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers – 5 Tried & True Tips

Young drivers smiling

5 tried tips and tricks for young drivers to benefit from cheap car insurance rates. Image: Flickr.

Nothing makes a parent shudder more than when their child’s in control of tons of metal—well, that is until they hear how much their auto insurance is going to increase due to adding young drivers. Although prices of everything continue to rise, at least some ways to save money are timeless. Here are some of the classic ways parents have been getting cheap car insurance for young drivers for decades. [Read more…]

Temporary Car Insurance – Quotes, Comparisons and Why Would You Get It Anyways

Advertising for car insurance quotes on bus - with iggy pop

Temporary car insurance can be a mind blowing solution if you are not a permanent driver.

Car insurance is a must for everyone who is planning on owning a car. Aside from it being mandatory in most states, it will also give you a sense of peace knowing that, in case you get into an accident, you, your passenger as well as your vehicle will be covered. There are dozens of car insurance types out there that depend on what you need. The basic car insurance is cheap while the comprehensive is a bit more expensive. However, not everyone can afford car insurance these days especially students who drive to and from their schools. The best solution for this is temporary car insurance.

Temporary car insurance, as the name suggests, is only for temporary use meaning that the driver can get out of the insurance policy without having to wait for the year to end unlike in regular car insurance policies. This also means that the student or their parents won’t have to pay premiums all the time saving them money in the process which is a great idea especially in these tough times. With temporary car insurance, you will be able to drive your family car going to school and be covered in case you get into an accident. [Read more…]

How Much Is Car Insurance? The King of all Insurance Questions

Insurance policy on desk

Average car insurance prices are what they are: a mere average. There are many factors you completely control and which can alter your rate.

Maybe you are a new car owner and you have purchased your new auto insurance policy, or perhaps you have received a renewal notice and your rate went up. You may be asking yourself, “What are the factors that influence my auto rate?” You will want to know how you can keep your rates from increasing and how you can also possibly decrease your premium, but most importantly, “how much is car insurance?[Read more…]

Leaner Permit’s And Auto Insurance – Connecticut Adult Drivers Must Have Them

Seal of Cennecticut State

How to Navigate Insurance When You Are Not Officially Licensed

Or: How to Navigate Insurance When You Are Not Officially Licensed

The DMV of Connecticut recently announced a change in their approach when it comes to new adult drivers. Previously, new drivers over 18 weren’t required to complete a training period prior to obtaining a driver’s license. Now, any adult driver 18 and older must hold an adult learner’s permit for 3 months before taking a road test. This has been effective as of January 1, 2013. [Read more…]

Dallas Cowboy Player Charged After Passenger Dies in Accident

Or: How Serious Driver Related Crimes Can Affect Your Insurance

Seal of Illinois state

Recent example from Illinois: How Serious Driver Related Crimes Can Affect Your Insurance

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent has been charged with

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intoxication manslaughter following an accident that killed his fellow player, Jerry Brown. The crash happened last year on December 8 around 2 am in Dallas. Brown was pronounced dead at the scene. Brent was subject to field sobriety tests at the accident site and arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Once Brown was pronounced dead, the charge was upgraded to intoxication manslaughter. He is being held without bond.

While Brent had no intention of injuring his fellow player that night, he made the decision to drive while intoxicated and had a history of doing this. Back in February of 2009, Brent was arrested for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, and speeding. This incident took place in Illinois. At that time, Brent was sentenced to 60 days in jail, two years’ probation, 200 hours of community service and a fine. One count of aggravated DUI/no valid driver’s license was dropped in plea bargaining. While this most recent accident is going to take a toll on many areas of Brent’s life, it is worth examining how incidents such as these could affect anyone’s auto insurance. [Read more…]

Louisiana Men Use Tow Truck to Steal Vehicles: How Insurance Can Protect You Against Car Theft

Seal of Louisiana state

Louisiana - Thieves used tow truck to steal cars - How to protect yourself against theft

When the average person sees a tow truck hauling a vehicle away, you generally assume that it was requested. Normally, there’s a legitimate reason for towed vehicles but two Louisiana men took advantage of this assumption. They were using a tow truck to steal cars and sell them for scraps. They were caught when Dawn Dedeaux saw the two trying to take her van. Luckily, she was able to gather information about the tow truck and went to the police.

With her help, the police tracked down the two Gretna residents and arrested them on counts of theft and conspiracy. Before trying to steal Dedeaux’s car, the men had stolen at least three other cars from her neighborhood, even targeting her next door neighbor. No matter where you are hit by a car thief, it can impact your life tremendously. There are several steps you can take to make it harder to steal your car but one precaution you should always take is having insurance. This can help lessen the blow if your car is stolen but only certain kinds of coverage will help. [Read more…]

South Dakota Sees Rise in Traffic Fatalities: How to Protect Yourself

South Dakota - Flag

South Dakota Sees Rise in Traffic Fatalities: How to Protect Yourself

Terry Woster, Department of Public Safety spokesman, said that 125 people have died in car accidents this year. The state had enjoyed a 20% decrease in 2011 but the new numbers are troubling. At this time, they cannot pinpoint a reason as to why deaths have increased from last year but continue to make progress on getting numbers down overall. Motorcycle deaths have been cut in half and the majority of people driving are buckling up. This is positive news because it demonstrates that citizens are taking safety into their own hands. It can generally be said that by taking the necessary precautions, it makes it easier to avoid an accident. [Read more…]

Class is in Session: How Defensive Driving Classes Can Help You Save on Car Insurance

Driving lessons in the city

Defensive driving may pay off: many companies offer discounts on premiums for certified classes

You may have thought your days in a classroom were over but if you want to save money on your car insurance, get ready to sit in a desk again. People are always looking for a way to save money on anything from their grocery bills to their haircuts and car insurance is no different. There are many factors that you can’t change when your insurance company sits down to determine your rates but once you’ve gotten your policy, there are various ways you can work to lower your premiums. One of those is be re-entering the classroom and taking a defensive driving course. Many insurance companies will offer incentives in the form of premium savings if you take these courses, which can prompt many back into the classroom. Just make you don’t skip every class like you did in 10th grade Geometry. [Read more…]

New Mexico Woman Sues Over DWI: How to Protect Yourself in an Accident

Flag of New Mexico

New Mexico Woman Sues Over DWI: How to Protect Yourself in an Accident

Josephine Torres was traveling down the road when a truck driven by Juan Gallegos swerved into her lane, causing a head on collision, injuring Torres. Once police arrived on the scene, a deputy was under the suspicion that the driver was highly intoxicated but Sheriff Thomas Garza ordered the deputy to let the driver go. He was issued several citations which included driving without insurance or registration, careless driving, and failure to wear a seatbelt but no charge for a DWI.

Torres has now filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Garza, who presumably has a history of letting DWI cases walk, claiming that his inaction caused her accident. Because Gallegos was uninsured, the entire cost of the accident has fallen on Torres. Even with insurance, some of her medical care is still not covered, such as physical therapy. Garza has failed to comment. Unfortunately, despite the fact that states have laws against driving uninsured, there are still drivers on the road who continue to travel without insurance. It’s important to know how to handle a situation and your insurance if one of these drivers hit you. [Read more…]

Stolen Cars And Auto Insurance Coverage – Car Thieves Avoid Toyota Prius:

Blue Toyota Prius in showroom

The least stolen car in the US: Toyota Prius. But how does car insurance cover theft anyways? Image: Flickr.

The Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market, has low emissions, and great trunk space. When looking a car thieves

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wish list, these qualities are low. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, only 1 in 608 Prius cars are stolen, versus 1 in 78 for all other cars. While owners may enjoy their small environmental footprint, they can also enjoy the comfort that their car will most always be waiting for them as they exit their home or a restaurant. Most cars are stolen to be broken up and sold for parts and the Prius is not as versatile as other models that are on the road. While this is good news for Prius owners, owners of Toyotas and Camry should pay attention. After the shock

of having a car stolen wears off, it will be the best insurance policy that saves the day. [Read more…]

How to Save Money on Car Insurance – Believe the Car Insurance Commercials or Believe the Statistics?

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to see several car insurance commercials that assures you that you can save up to $500 on car insurance. What do you think about that? Do you think that is accurate? If yes, how can you benefit?

Car driving across road, rear view

Saving big money on auto insurance - marketing hook or real opportunity?

[Read more…]

New Mexico Considers Banning Cell Phones: Will It Help Crash Rates and Your Insurance?

Flag of New Mexico

New Mexico cConsiders banning cell phones - safe driving laws are marching on

New Mexico is considering banning hand held cell phone use on state owned vehicles. Currently, those that drive state vehicles can use a hands held free device but this measure would eliminate that option. This wouldn’t affect New Mexico’s general public but if this ban passes and proves successful, New Mexico might join several states that have a complete ban on cell phones. Those states include Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. General Services Secretary Ed Burckle told the Albuquerque Journal that studies suggest enforcing a ban on all cell phone use in state cars would more than likely decrease accidents. [Read more…]

False Auto Claims: How Organized Crime is Raising Your Premium

Hand opening car dor

Are your car insurance premiums stolen by organized crime?

When you think about organized crime, the subject of car insurance could rarely cross your mind. Maybe classic movies like The Godfather and Scarface embody the idea of what an organized crime group is for you but in all reality, they are just as diverse as the people walking down the sidewalk. Over the years, our ideas have been shaped by the media of just what organized crime looks like but it could be your neighbor. The fact is that organized crime is just what it sounds like and is defined as “ongoing conspiratorial enterprise engaged in illicit activities as a means of generating income.” And they’re on the rise in Minnesota. [Read more…]

South Dakota Wants Tighter Teen Driving Restrictions

Road Sign: No texting & Driving

Cell phones: a major cause for distracted driving

Cell phones and cars are a hot topic right now. It’s called distracted driving (check here for more background) and can be very dangerous but at the same time, cell phone communication is essential in today’s world. We are all connected at once so to not be available to take a call is rarely seen. Some states have ignored cell phone enthusiasts and completely outlawed handheld use on roads. This means that someone can still use a hands free device like a Bluetooth to talk. It’s the best of both world legislators argue. But what about beginning drivers? More states are apt to outlaw cell phones for new drivers simply because they lack the necessary experience of handling a car that might spin out of control. [Read more…]

Roadside Assistance and Your Auto Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Ambulance vehicle on nightly road

It's not only the tough emergencies which require intervention and help on the road. Sometimes it's just a flat tire.

Murphy’s law says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. We’ve all felt this way sometimes and it can be extremely frustrating when it involves your car. You think about that time when you were driving home from the airport, late at night, and your tire blew out in the middle of nowhere. Or the other time you swerved to hit that adorable puppy and ended up in the ditch.

When things like that happen, it’s hard to fix them yourself so you need someone to call. Roadside assistance can prove to be one of the most valuable services you invest in but it seems like everyone and their uncle offers a plan. You know you can get it through your insurance company so why not just bundle it all? If you look a little closer, you may find that your insurance is charging you more for roadside assistance when you could get a better program somewhere else. If you’re equipped with the right criteria, finding the right roadside assistance program should be as easy as changing a tire…right? [Read more…]

Rental Car Insurance and Responsibility or: Let’s Play ‘Who Pays Shelley?”

Sign: rent a car

Rental car insurance and responsibility - Double check what is covered

Shelley, who recently went on a business trip, rented a car as she normally does for all he business trips. She paid using her American express card and chose to go with the rental agencies auto insurance. A couple of days later, Shelley had an accident that caused a significant amount of damage and sent her and her passenger to the hospital. Now that they are recovering, the question of who should pay the damages has come to the surface but is really isn’t so cut and dry. Since Shelley travels a lot, she also has American Express’ rental car coverage and she also lives in a state that requires rental car companies to cover at least the state liability limit. For Shelley, it can be hard to know what the next step is but we should take a step back and look a little bit in depth about what exactly happens when we rent a car. [Read more…]

No Pay, No Play Laws Affect Uninsured Motorist Claims

Women sitting at front seat of car, ready to get driving

No Pay, No Play Laws Affect Uninsured Motorist Claims

Just because something is the law does not mean that everyone chooses to obey. In the United States, drivers are required to have a minimum form of liability insurance everywhere except New Hampshire, yet there are

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a number of drivers. According to a study conducted in 2011 the Insurance Research Council, a non-profit , estimates that at least one in

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seven drivers is uninsured, accounting for 13.8 percent of the driving population. This does not make some people happy and new laws have been introduced to try to discourage people from driving around uninsured. Read how your insurance policy might be affected. [Read more…]

Switch Your Car Insurance Company – The Ultimate Guide

Happy family in car

Switching car insurance providers can have benefits. Guide by

Whether you have a choice in the matter or not, sometimes switching car insurance companies is the best thing you can do for your policy and your premiums. When you change insurance companies, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when conducting your search. Things like understanding how your premiums are determined as well as making sure your driving and insurance record is up to date are all very important. Louisiana residents who’ve had Farmers Insurance for the past few years should listen up. Farmers Insurance Exchange, which has homeowner and auto insurance policies, is removing its business from Louisiana. While some policies will be reinstated under a different company name, this is a great time for people to start comparing insurance policies with other businesses. [Read more…]

Alabama Law Tries to Put a Stop to Uninsured Motorists

Seal of Alabama State

Alabama Law Tries to Put a Stop to Uninsured Motorists

Although it may be the state law that every driver has to have liability insurance, that doesn’t mean that all drivers abide the law. Alabama has the sixth highest rate of uninsured drivers across the United States. This leave many drivers who have insurance at risk for a potential accident where they will see no pay out except from their own insurance company and Alabama is tired of making its citizens who obey the law pay for damages. Starting January 1, a new law will

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go into effect that will help to pinpoint who is driving without insurance and make them pay. [Read more…]

Hyundai Recalls Velosters: How Recalls Work And How This Affects Your Car Insurance

Hyundai has recently recalled 13,500 Veloster hatchbacks after customers complained earlier this year about shattering sunroofs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) then launched an investigation and found that there was a manufacturing defect. This falling glass could cause injuries so Hyundai worked with the NHTSA to recall cars from the 2012 model. As of yet, no one has been involved in a crash because of the issue but there are some people that have gotten cuts.

Hyundai Veloster advertising

Auto insurance and recall explained - The latest Hyundai recall is a mere example

Hyundai will begin notifying owners in January and will replace the glass following an inspection. Thankfully, Hyundai was able to catch this recall before something serious happened to one its owners but what about those people who had their car recalled. Do they now have to go out and get a brand new car? It’s unlikely that this will happen but let’s take a look at the recall process a little bit more in depth to find out how they are handled. [Read more…]

Nevada Cracks Down on Cell Phone Users: The Dangers of Driving and Talking

Nevada state seal

Nevada Cracks Down on Cell Phone Users: The Dangers of Driving and Talking

In some states, it’s legal to talk on the phone while driving but if you’re driving through Nevada, watch out. In this state, talking on a hand held phone is considered illegal and law enforcement has proved that they will find you. Last year, Nevada Highway Patrol issued close to 12,000 tickets for people that

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were driving while using their cell phones. This means that people were either using a hand held phone looking at their phones in traffic or at a stop light. Texting and browsing the internet are also illegal and for good reason. Anytime you’re on your phone, your mind is elsewhere which makes it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand: driving. [Read more…]

Non Driving Factors Can be Used to Determine Insurance Rates

Women on the road, thumbs up

Are clean driving records enough? Not always.

When every individual goes to purchase automobile insurance, the general concession is that there are certain factors in an individual’s history that will factor into a policy rate. An insurance company must know certain facts about a policy holder’s history to best insure itself against damages and make sure the customer is getting adequate coverage. But when that quote is placed in front of a potential customer there are also other, not so obvious components that may have helped determine that individual’s price.

The Standard Determining Factors For Auto Insurance Rates

Certain aspects of a driver’s personal history and vehicle are inherent to the insurance process. The most obvious being the driving record. The worse a record, the higher the insurance premiums. Depending on the type of car being driven, where it’s located, and the purpose of the vehicle, premiums can be higher or lower. Age and gender are taken into consideration. These are some of the main examples and are based on collected data. For example, in a study conducted by John Hopkins School of Public Health, even though it revealed that overall, men get into less crashes than women, they are three times more likely to die in an accident. These are things insurance companies study. [Read more…]

Filing A Claim Against Your Collision Coverage. Or: Iowa SUV Has Unusual Pole Landing

Man and women talking after car collision

Collision coverage kicks in after any kind of collision - no matter the circumstances

When officers got to the scene of the crash, the SUV they found seemed as if it had tried to drive up the utility pole it was attached to. The nose of the vehicle was nearly six feet from the ground and the passengers involved were forced to jump down out of the car. Police reported that the driver of the SUV had lost control and as they headed for the utility pole, it got stuck up the guide wires and they guided it right up the pole. Most utility poles have some kind of guide wire so it wasn’t a rare occurrence for this one to be present. It was slightly odd that the SUV decided to crawl up the pole though. Luckily, the passengers only received minor injuries and it is not yet known if the pole sustained a large amount of damage.

It is likely that the SUV did have some damage and hopefully the driver has some form of collision insurance because the next step will be filing a claim against that portion of her policy. Collision insurance is going to cover any kind of damage that results from colliding with another object, regardless of fault. Even if you are the only person involved in the accident, there is a chance that you may come across some problems during the claims process. [Read more…]

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