As a car insurance shopper, your goal should be getting the best price on the car insurance coverage that meets your needs. But just about everyone drives and needs car insurance. But what about your other insurance needs? You can save on your car insurance costs by leveraging your insurance buying power with one insurance company for all your insurance needs. Think of all the insurance policies you have – life insurance, homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, and boat or motorcycle insurance. Some insurance companies offer annuities and may give you a discount for having an annuity and car insurance coverage with the same insurance company. By combining all your insurance policies (homeowners’ or renter’s insurance, life insurance, or any other insurance you have) with one insurance company, you can save hundreds of dollars on your yearly insurance costs. Some insurance companies offer substantial discounts of up to 20% of your overall premiums.

If you are looking to leverage your insurance buying power, here are some tips for how to compare and get the best deals:

  1. Look for insurance companies that cover all the types of insurance you need. Some insurance companies only cover car insurance or life insurance. To make the most out of this discount, the more insurance lines an insurance company has, the more likely the insurance company will be able to meet all your insurance needs and will give you a discount on a group of policies to get your business. Picking an insurance company with broad selection of insurance lines to choose from allows you to maximize a combined or multi-line discount on all your insurance policies.
  2. Determine what all your insurance coverage needs are and compare. When you contact different insurance companies to compare insurance rates (with your combined or “multi-line” discount), make sure you ask for the same type and amount of insurance coverage from each different company (like the same car insurance (liability, collision and comprehensive) coverage; same homeowners’ limits; same long term care policy limits, etc.), with the same deductibles so you can make accurate comparisons.
  3. Generally, the top rated car insurance companies in your state are top insurers in for other polices. Many of these companies are the biggest insurers in the country. Check this site’s state specific information for the top companies in your state and check those companies’ websites for their other insurance lines. Click here for State Car Insurance Requirements with the top rated car insurers in your state.