While there are many stereotypes about terrible female drivers, getting into accidents, and causing havoc on the road, statistics tell a different story. Women are statistically safer drivers than men. Women are involved in fewer accidents, less likely to speed or drive recklessly, and generally travel shorter distances. Insurance companies study these statistics when setting their car insurance rates. Based on those statistics, car insurance rates tend to be lower for women as a group than car insurance rates for men.

But don’t count your savings just yet…your actual driving habits are stronger indicator or risk than any generalized statistics in determining your cost of car insurance. So a history of moving violations or accidents will wipe out any reduced rates women drivers or any driver. Keep a great driving record and you’ll continue to enjoy the statistics and savings!

In addition to lower car insurance rates generally, the following tips are ways for women drivers (or any drivers) to save money on insurance and be safe on the road:

  • Shop around for the lowest car insurance rates. When you contact different insurance companies to compare insurance rates, make sure you ask for the same type and amount of insurance coverage from each different company (like liability or collision insurance coverage), with the same deductibles and limits so you can make accurate comparisons. See Car insurance types to learn more about the different types of car insurance. Getting rate comparisons is time well spent and money saved. Also, if you have insurance now, ask you own car insurance company what discounts that can offer you to stay.
  • Combine all your all your insurance policies (home or renter’s, life, or any other insurance you have) with one insurance company. You can save on your yearly insurance costs by getting a discount for having multiple insurance policies with one company.
  • Track your mileage – If you only drive short distances (to and from work or around town), you may be able to save more on car insurance by showing your insurance company you drive limited miles.
  • Consider a roadside assistance membership. This type of membership entitles you to call for a tow or roadside assistance if your car breaks down or you are locked out. Why is this important to women? If your car breakdowns beside a highway or on a bridge, there are not many secure places can go other than your car. In such situations, criminals may take advantage of your vulnerability. Roadside assistance can usually provide help or a tow in less than an hour while you wait safely in your car. If you rely on friends and family to help you, you’ll find out that cars know precisely when to breakdown – when it is the least convenient for you. Roadside assistance fills in when your friends or family can’t.
  • Keep a cell phone and cell phone charger in your car. You can call for roadside assistance and to let your friends or family know where you are.