Are you wondering how much will your car insurance cost? You’ve probably wondered why your best friend Joe can get such great rates when he has 5 tickets and has had two accidents, lives in the same place you do, and is the same age. That surely means there’s no such thing as an average car insurance price for a specific demographic.

Truth be told, there are many factors that can affect the price of your car insurance. Among these are your age, your driving history, your marital status, your credit record as well as whether you own a home or not. Although you may find your rates aren’t the exact same price down to the cent as other average car insurance data may show, and it may not be the case when you start getting more and more specific. However, a jumping off point is looking at what average car insurance prices are in a state you live in, one of the biggest factors in determining premiums.

Factors that Can Affect Car Insurance Rates

It is normal to pay less than $50 to more

than a hundred dollars for your auto insurance premiums. The amount you can expect to pay for your auto insurance every month usually depends on your location, age, driving history, number of cars owned, number of drivers in the family, and the type of vehicle that you are currently driving.

Regional Differences on Estimates for Car Insurance

The average auto insurance rates typically vary depending on the region. For example, regions where there are more risks tend to have higher insurance premiums. Among the factors that can affect the rates of auto insurance are listed below.

State Car Insurance Rates

The cost of car insurance rates varies depending on the state’s minimum requirements for its car insurance including the regional differences that have been stated above. The table found below will show you the average rates for auto insurance based on the state.

Disclaimer: since there are dozens of factors that can affect how the cost of auto insurance is calculated, the numbers found in the table shouldn’t be seen as standard estimates for auto insurance. However, you can use the table as some sort of guide on getting an estimate for car insurance in these states.

Car Insurance Costs by State, 2012

  1. Louisiana $2,536
  2. Oklahoma $2,047
  3. Michigan $2,013
  4. West Virginia $2,002
  5. Wash. D.C. $1,866
  6. Montana
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  7. Rhode Island $1,830
  8. Wyoming $1,732
  9. California $1,709
  10. Georgia $1,694
  11. Connecticut $1,665
  12. Texas $1,661
  13. Florida $1,654
  14. Delaware $1,652
  15. New Jersey $1,608
  16. Pennsylvania $1,598
  17. Hawaii $1,594
  18. Kentucky $1,572
  19. Mississippi $1,502
  20. Missouri $1,455

[National average $1,438]

  1. Alaska $1,431
  2. North Dakota $1,426
  3. New York $1,413
  4. Kansas $1,410
  5. Mass. $1,378
  6. Maryland $1,372
  7. Alabama $1,345
  8. Arkansas $1,334
  9. Colorado $1,322
  10. Utah $1,315
  11. Washington $1,305
  12. South Dakota $1,303
  13. Indiana $1,301
  14. Virginia $1,297
  15. New Mexico $1,274
  16. Minnesota $1,264
  17. Nebraska $1,244
  18. Oregon $1,241
  19. Tennessee $1,228
  20. Nevada $1,223
  21. Illinois $1,192
  22. Arizona $1,176
  23. N. Hampshire $1,133
  24. S. Carolina $1,108
  25. Ohio $1,099
  26. Vermont $1,063
  27. N. Carolina $1,022
  28. Idaho $1,011
  29. Wisconsin $987
  30. Iowa $985
  31. Maine $889
  • Source:

Car Insurance Rates Based on Experience and Age

Young drivers are often saddled with high auto insurance premiums because of their age and lack of driving experience. Statistics aren’t helping either as they show that there is a high chance for young drivers to get involved in car accidents. However, this doesn’t mean that teenagers can’t do anything to lower their auto insurance premiums.

Among the things that young drivers can do to lower their premiums is to maintain high grades at school, get a driver’s license early, and keep driving history clean.

Many auto insurance companies make it a point to review your driving history to determine whether you are a safe driver or a high risk one. The more accidents or tickets you have, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

Car Insurance Rates

Aside from your age and driving experience, the type of car that you own can be factored in as well. Regardless of whether you will be buying a second hand car, a cheap one or the more expensive types like muscle cars, it will still affect the price of your auto insurance. If you will compare a muscle car with a used minivan, for example, the muscle car will cost more in terms of repairs.

There are many factors that can contribute to the cost of your auto insurance rates. If you are determined to get your premiums lowered, you should know the steps on how to get them reduced like keeping your driving history clean as well as maintaining your credit rating.